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Split Tunnel Domain & Application Cisco Umbrella Issue

L3 Networker

We have one GlobalProtect Portal and 3 Gateways. This one Gateway is version 9.0.9-h1, and the GlobalProtect client version is 5.2.3-22. For testing, on this one Gateway, I enabled Split tunnel Domain and Application for * and *


I'm testing from home with two laptops, and both are connected to this same GP Gateway. Laptop 1 does not have all our client-side security software, and I see the traffic for both these domains going out the local network interface/Internet. Laptop 2, which has all our client-side security software, I see traffic for both domains going down the VPN.


I think the problem with laptop 2 may be Cisco Umbrella? Has anyone seen this issue with security software?
Thanks for any help.


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Who Me Too'd this topic