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Bad CSRF Token when attempting to whitelist hashes from API

L1 Bithead

Hey everyone,


We are trying to whitelist a bulk of hashes using the Cortex XDR API (because the UI isn't working, we have an open case with support). The request always return the same error:




400 Bad CSRF Token

Access is denied. This server can not verify that your cross-site request forgery token belongs to your login session. Either you supplied the wrong cross-site request forgery token or your session no longer exists. This may be due to session timeout or because browser is not supplying the credentials required, as can happen when the browser has cookies turned off.

check_csrf_token(): Invalid token


This error ONLY shows up when we attempt to whitelist hashes. We can retrieve incidents and alerts using the same code (and hence same API key and ID) without any problem. The image below shows that it has key should be able to update the allow list.




The url: "https://api-{domain}/public_api/v1/hash_exceptions/allow_list/"


Any ideas are appreciated!


P.S. This is the error from the UI



Who Me Too'd this topic