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Issue with GlobalProtect, saved credentials and password changes in Active Directory...

L2 Linker

Our users use GlobalProtect with Windows 10 to VPN to office from home.  Users sign into their AD accounts in Windows first, then connect GlobalProtect second, using the same AD account.  The first attempt to connect the VPN will always result in GlobalProtect requesting the user's account & password.  And subsequent connections happen without any credential requests as they have been saved in Credential Manager (so the user simply has to click 'Connect').  When our users change their password in Windows/Active Directory, GlobalProtect should be prompting the user to update the password at the next sign on.  It is not doing this in many cases and is resulting in AD account lockouts.  We have even gone so far to have the user disconnect after a password change, shut down the laptop, power it back on, sign on, and then reconnect GlobalProtect.  But GP still will not ask for a new password.  Some users are actually able to connect with their old password AFTER the change.  Other users are just locking their AD accounts when GP attempts to use those credentials over and over.  


Any suggestions for resolving this issue?  

Who Me Too'd this topic