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@Alexandre_Jodoin We are working through a wide range of hosts with support to get to the bottom of this situation. One of the commonalities ended up being deleted Installation Packages under Cortex XDR Administrative Console >> Endpoints >> Endpoint Management >> Agent Installations. I'm not saying this is the case for you but we did not know that someone was cleaning up these packages and wouldn't have though it would put the agent dead in the water. The agent is not smart enough to go out and get the latest version from the console if the previously sent version no longer exists.


A helpful command that we used is below. This prevented us from having to reinstall the agent in a number of situations.

  1. From an administrative command prompt
    1. C:\Program Files\Palo Alto Networks\Traps\cytool.exe reconnect force <ID>
  2. Where <ID> = the agent ID that corresponds to an agent installation package name with the installed version of the agent. You can show the id field within Cortex XDR Administrative Console >> Endpoints >> Endpoint Management >> Agent Installations.
  3. The agent administrative password is then required
  4. Click Check In Now on the agent console

We are working through some other scenarios so I will update this post accordingly in hopes to help out some other customers in our situation.

Who rated this post