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L4 Transporter

Hi @jkostic1,


I can't help much on the PowerShell side, but the final line in your script needs to have a request that looks something like this:





Then the body you pass in needs to look something like this (you didn't share what's in the $body variable):


    "entry": {
        "@name": "My-Address",
        "ip-netmask": "",
        "description": "My test address"



POSTing my REST API call above with Postman works fine, so you just need to translate that into your PowerShell script with the variable names you're using.


Maybe it's the shared part in your location, are you on single-vsys or multi-vsys firewall?


Or the version? These are the acceptable versions in the API endpoint URI (obvisouly you can only go up to the version which matches the PAN-OS version your firewall is currently running, you can't target v10.0 on a v9.1 firewall, etc):





Hope that helps!

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