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Panorama to Cloud Management Migration for Prisma Access

L3 Networker

Today, you have two options for managing your Prisma Access deployment: Panorama and Cloud Management. Over the past year, we have developed many new features in Cloud Management that not only provide functional parity with Panorama for Prisma Access management but also offer many new capabilities that can only be delivered in the cloud.


For existing customers wishing to switch from Panorama to Cloud Management, we have an in-product workflow that can be used to migrate your Prisma Access configuration. While this migration workflow is disabled by default, you can reach out to your account teams to enable this feature and begin the migration to Cloud Management.  Know that during this migration there is zero impact to your Prisma Access deployment and that you may continue using Panorama for NGFW management.


Why move to Cloud Management:

  • Continuous best practice assessments
  • Secure default configurations
  • ML-based configuration optimization
  • Simplified web security workflow
  • Comprehensive and actionable visualizations
  • Intuitive workflows for complex tasks
  • Simple and secure management APIs
  • Cloud-native architecture provides scalability, resilience, and global reach
  • No hardware to manage or software to maintain
  • ISO 27001 and SOC2 Type II certified
  • Monthly releases of new features and improvements
  • Faster problem identification and resolution

Here is the full set of features:

Here are the release notes:


This document provides you with the ability to compare features side by side and choose which platform is right for you.


Please reach out and let us know your feedback

Who Me Too'd this topic