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LSVPN Satellites unable to sign-in to the portal after upgraded to PAN OS 10.1.2

L1 Bithead



We have upgraded the PAN OS to the latest version 10.1.2 on 3 of 5 PA firewalls, including the LSVPN portal, and 2 of the satellite firewalls.

The thing is that 2 of the satellite firewalls with the latest PANOS 10.1.2 are unable to log in with the portal.

Auth Method: Satellite Auth Cookie

Error (Portal Side): cookie is invalid and no username, Invalid authentication cookie...

Error (Satellite Side): GlobalProtect Satellite connection to portal failed. Satellite failed to connect to Portal <portal url> due to invalid http response.

The rest of the satellites firewall with the PAN OS(10.0.x) are works as usual. No changes were made on the LSVPN configuration, both of the portal and the satellite.

Please help.



Who Me Too'd this topic