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Cyber Elite

Thank you for quick reply @rajendra-kumar 


All disks will be used and logs will be distributed among all of them.


Regarding data on faulty disk, I can only speak for my own experience when I lost one of the log collectors (Enable log redundancy across collectors was not enabled). I could still search data that resided on other log collector, but not on faulty one. Since I was not aware what logs were located on the log collector that was not online at that time depending on the log I queried I was getting incomplete log search. I assume the same will happen if you lose a single disk. You will not be able to get logs from faulty disk.


Regarding what you mentioned with single log collector in log collector group, it seems like you did not configure local log collector on your Panorama passive node. Could you please make sure you added local log collector (The link is for M-100, but concept is the same): Then you should be able to add additional log collector to existing log collector group from: Panorama > Collector Groups > [Log Collector Group Name] > Add. After this step the option: "Enable log redundancy across collectors" will work.


Kind Regards


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