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Unable to ping out from new zone

L1 Bithead

We are in the process of migrating our DMZ servers out from behind an ancient ASA to our Palo. I pulled a test webserver over to make sure my NAT was set and to trial out some rules.

For the most part everything is working but I can't ping out from a server in our DMZ zone. We are using GlobalProtect for our VPN and from the vpn zone I can ping the server in our DMZ. From the DMZ I can ping my laptop in the VPN zone. What I can't do is ping out to google or anywhere else. I can browse to google and the internet from the new DMZ just fine but I can't get ping working.

I have enabled a management profile allowing ping on both the DMZ interface and the WAN interface. Zone protection is not used.

I have a security rule allowing ping to LAN, DMZ, VPN & Outside from LAN, DMZ & VPN. I can see in the monitoring tab where the allow ping security rule is picking up the ping from the server to shagle and allowing yet, yet ping will not return anything when run from the server. I just get request timed out.

I can't help but feel like this is something super obvious...

This is such a small thing but really would like this working before I move forward with this project.

Who Me Too'd this topic