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How do the 5450 logical card slots and associations work?

L4 Transporter

I see the documentation that shows information regarding slot 1 and slot 3 and how a NPC associates to a DPC.   And if you add a NPC to slot 2 it will associate to a DPC in slot 4.   What I don't see is if you add more DPC's, how that associates to the NPC's, and how those get used? 

Looks like you can use multiple DPC's for one network card (up to 5), but how do those associate/map, and get used by the NPC?  Is this something automatic that is handled by the 5450 itself in the background (it dynamically sees there is more DPC, and starts using them when need?)

Is it possible to add a DPC in slot 4 all while leaving the NPC in slot 2 blank, and will the 5450 recognize and use that for the NPC in slot 1?

Who Me Too'd this topic