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Global Protect update - no auto-reconnect with transparent update

L1 Bithead


To make the next update to GP as easy as possible for users, we would like to see an automatic reconnect.  


At the moment, the actual upgrade works fine to 5.1.9, but requires manual intervention at the end by clicking on the "connect" button after the update is complete and the VPN disconnected.


Could this be related to cookies?  Currently there is nothing configured under Portal or Gateway for "Authentication Override", generating or accepting cookies. 


If this is related to the problem I described, what exactly needs to be configured (ie. in Portal and Gateway, how long should the cookie be valid)?   What happens when we renew associated certificates (potential problems or downtime)?


Perhaps its just easier to inform the user they need to click "Connect" on VPN after the update?



Who Me Too'd this topic