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server not starting after upgrade to 6.2 version

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hi All, 


I have changed my etc/demisto.conf file to move data folders(

and after upgrading my app server to 6.2 from 6.1 cortex soar application is not starting( I tried to reindex the data but I I think its still using old data folders. Can someone help me in resolving this problem : 


2022-01-31 13:00:49.4866 info Original limit size {1024 524288} (source: /builds/gopath/src/

2022-01-31 13:00:49.4867 info New ulimit is: {524288 524288} (source: /builds/gopath/src/

2022-01-31 13:00:49.7422 info Integrity test successful (source: /builds/gopath/src/

2022-01-31 13:00:49.7422 info Used conf at : /etc/demisto.conf (source: /builds/gopath/src/

2022-01-31 13:00:49.7423 info Starting as standalone server (source: /builds/gopath/src/

2022-01-31 13:00:49.7426 info KV Store: boltdb (source: /builds/gopath/src/

2022-01-31 13:00:49.7426 fatal Could not create repo db [error 'mkdir /var/lib/demisto: permission denied' commit 'a86da2fb03b21ebf423cd00315fb00e82ff3a3a4'] (source: /builds/gopath/src/


Best regards,


Who Me Too'd this topic