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Problem in connecting to Global Protect app on ubuntu

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I downloaded Global Protect for linux from Updates/Software Updates (PanGPLinux-6.0.0-c18.tgz)

Now I have 2 problems here:

1. Problem in CLI
I extract the tgz and install the package for CLI using (sudo dpkg -i GlobalProtect_deb-

When I try to connect to gateway it gives me this error
Error: Gateway ExternalGateway: Could not verify the server certificate of the gateway. If the issue persists, contact your administrator.

So How to fix this problem

2. Problem in GUI
When i tried to install the GUI package using (sudo apt-get install ./GlobalProtect_UI_deb- it gives me this error:
E: read, still have 59 to read but none left
E: Error reading archive member header
E: Could not read meta data from /home/prog-ii/Files/Apps/Global Protect/PanGPLinux-6.0.0-c18/GlobalProtect_UI_deb-
E: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opene

So how to fix these problems

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