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A better monitoring solution

L4 Transporter

Hi folks.

I've been investigating doing some proper monitoring of my PAN devices for a while - CACTI does the basics, and with some help from here I managed to make it work, but the results are less than sterling, to say the least.

I don't have the programming/scripting brains to write a decent plugin for Nagios, so I was a bit stumped.

Until I stumbled on Observium - http://

I just spent a couple of hours spinning up a VM to run this on, and it is, to be frank, completely AWESOME.

No templates. No plugins to make work. Just SNMP.

And it works for almost *everything* on my PA2020's (running 5.0.4 as of yesterday). CPU. Sessions. Interfaces. Fan Speeds. temperature. It reads (and graphs) the lot.

If you're looking for an alternative to Cacti or Nagios, then I heartily suggest you check Observium out. Note that you will either need some Linux knowledge or be a hot php programmer to port it to Windows - there is NO Windows support for running this application on - it *monitors* Windows servers just fine, you just can't run it on one.

Who Me Too'd this topic