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XQL - Hunt for Kerberos Relay Up Activity

L3 Networker

Just posting, if this is useful for someone who might be hunting for Kerberos Relay Up (Privilege Escalation on Windows System) Activity.

The purpose of this hunt is to look for suspicious logon on windows system using Kerberos Auth Package where the source of logon is localhost IP and user account is Administrator SID.

dataset = xdr_data
| filter event_type = ENUM.EVENT_LOG
| filter action_evtlog_event_id = 4624
| alter
        auth_package = arrayindex(regextract(action_evtlog_message,"Authentication Package:\s(\w+)"),0),
        network = arrayindex(regextract(action_evtlog_message,"Source Network Address:\s(.*)\r\n"),0),
        logon_type = arrayindex(regextract(action_evtlog_message,"Logon Type:\s+(\d+)\r\n"),0),
        sid = arrayindex(regextract(action_evtlog_message,"Security ID:\s+(.*?-500)\r\n"),0)
| filter auth_package = "Kerberos" and logon_type = "3" and sid ~= ".*500" and network in ("","::1")
| fields
_time as Time,
agent_hostname as Host,
agent_ip_addresses as IP,
auth_package,sid,logon_type,network as Event_Log_Source_Network,
actor_process_image_name as Process

Please feel free to suggest if anything can be improved.

Thank you.

Kind Regards
Who rated this post