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Hi @PankajThakre as indicated in your screenshot, the endpoints are able to connect to a XDR tenant, but not the one you have access to. 
1. Is the tenant the endpoint is currently connecting to a test/trial environment that you had access to? That's the one you have grayed out in your screenshot.

2. Do you have access to the tenant? You can reach out to your PANW account representative to know details about it. Since the endpoints are already connected to a tenant, it should still be active and the process to migrating endpoints from that tenant to the one you currently have access to should follow the steps that I have mentioned in the list I have mentioned in earlier post. Your account representative should be able to help you facilitate access to the trial/test tenant, or identify other employees in your organization who still have access to the Support Portal or Cortex Gateway to perform the migration action.

3. If you've already explored point 2, talk to your account rep or Customer Success/Professional Services POC or via Support Portal to help you obtain a XDR Cleaner. With XDR Cleaner, you'll be able to uninstall the agent on the endpoints and then perform a fresh installation with an installer obtained from the tenant that you have access to. This is a last resort and should be explored only after you've exhausted option 2.


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