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L3 Networker

@Bojan-Totic Please try the below XQL query, you should be able to get your result in MB, similarly you can also convert into GB as per your convenience.


dataset = xdr_data // Using the xdr dataset
| filter event_type = ENUM.NETWORK // Filtering by network activity
| fields action_upload, action_remote_ip as remote_ip, action_external_hostname as remote_hostname, actor_process_image_name as process_name // Selecting the relevant fields
| comp sum(action_upload) as t_upload by process_name, remote_ip, remote_hostname // Summing the total upload by process + ip + host
| alter total_upload = to_integer(divide(t_upload,1048576))//1 MB == 1,048,576 Bytes (Based on the maths, if it is correct we can use the value.) 
| fields remote_ip,remote_hostname,process_name,total_upload
| sort desc total_upload// Sorting by total upload
| limit 10 // Limiting the results to only the top 10 



Thank You.

Kind Regards

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