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Cyber Elite

Hi @dmoore-acc360 ,


Great question.  For starters, you can go to the PAN-OS® Administrator’s Guide  Scrolling down the Table of Contents on the left, you will find Policy.  Under Policy > Policy Types, you will find a table of the different policies and a link to the documentation for each one.


With regard to troubleshooting, sometimes you can Google "palo alto <feature> resource list" and see if you get a hit.  I found this for the security policy ->


I found this doc for NAT ->  It has example security and NAT policies, which are VERY useful.  Here's another one ->


There is a free course on Beacon, Firewall 9.1 Essentials, that has excellent online tutorials on security and NAT policies.


This link has videos -> with a few security and NAT policy topics.  The video for destination NAT has another excellent video on the relationship between NAT and security policies.


I hope this helps.  If do, please mark as solution!  🙂






Edit:  I forgot this link ->  All NAT configurations require a route (connected or other) in order to work.

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