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Is there a way to automate reporting of "auth-fail" system log messages?

L1 Bithead


I'm looking for a way to automatically/proactively report on auth-fail system log messages and not finding anything obvious. Some things I've tried;

1. I can send email under log-settings -> system -> informational, but a bit too chatty with all the other messages and only interested in auth failures for VPN connections.

2. I created a filter for ( eventid eq auth-fail ) under log -> system,, and can export it to and excel spread sheet which is what I'm looking for but not automated.

3. I looked in PDF reports -> custom reports -> add, but there is not an option to look at the "system logs" there. This seems like the way to go but does not look possible yet.

Seems like this may be a feature request to add support for system logs. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.



Who Me Too'd this topic