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On this forum it would be difficult to determine the cause of the Portal connection failure, but I have seen this before when Zscalar was blocking a response. It could really be anything at this stage.

(P17196-T12160)Debug(1182): 06/09/22 14:46:41:944 PostRequest error code=12152(The server returned an invalid or unrecognized response)


Internal Host Detection is setting which comes from the Portal. If the Portal is inaccessible, as it shows above, then the cached Portal config is used.

If you set "Save Username Only" to "No", GlobalProtect will no longer be able to find a cached config, since the name of it includes a hash of the username and relies on saved username to pick it up. That's why you've started to see the issue after disabling it.

(P17196-T12160)Debug(8554): 06/09/22 14:46:41:944 Skip retrieve cached portal configuration for empty user

I would recommend saving the username to ensure a cached config can be used in case of connectivity issues to the Portal. To cache the config, the user will still need to make one successful connection though.


For the WINHTTP error 12152, I would start with checking packet captures and seeing if you can rule out any 3rd party intrusive/security software by disabling them temporarily under test conditions.


- DM

Sr. Technical Support Engineer, Strata
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