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Hi @Alex_Samad,


"Found this when doing a commit and push from the GUI. how does this translate into a API call what would be the type ? op ?  "

No, the commit operations are their own type, as shown in my previous response on 14 October. More docs here FYI:


"okay  how do you work out if a job is finished"

This is also in the docs, see the link just above. Commit works as an asynchronous operation, allowing the script/program to not be held waiting for a synchronous response. The API call would be:



"Side not how can i do a commit push from the cli . I could ssh there."

Commit to Panorama is done in configuration mode:

admin@Panorama# commit 
+ description   Enter commit description
> force         force 
> partial       partial 
  <Enter>       Finish input


Push to managed devices is done in operational mode:

admin@Panorama> commit-all 
> log-collector-config        log-collector-config 
> shared-policy               shared-policy 
> template                    template 
> template-stack              template-stack 
> wildfire-appliance-config   wildfire-appliance-config 


Hope this helps!

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