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Adding Endpoint to Dynamic Group by "Installation Package" Name

L1 Bithead

Hi there,


Recently I have received a request from client that they would like group endpoint automatically by the installation package, just like their previous deployment of their existing endpoint agents. Since it is much less admin overhead and straight forward for their deployment method e.g. push endpoint installer by department.


Firstly I thought XDR can only use field like hostname, IP or Tag to group endpoints as soon as they are registered to the XDR portal.

Then I notice that we can now use the "Installation Package" name as a criteria to dynamic group. (As shown below)


The installation package is now shown in the "All endpoint" page as well,


By default, it is not selected so you need to enable this column manually at the layout config.



In short, you can now create different installer for different group such as departments.

Then create a dynamic group to match the installation package name.

It is useful when other criteria is not sufficient. 

Hope this will help during a deployment project!




Who rated this post