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Global Protect Satellite over 2 ISP's

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We have multiple branches connecting to a data center via Global Protect satellite connections. This works perfectly fine. We've now started installing redundant Internet links but I'm experiening issues with the GP Satellite config. Obviously, when you configure the Satellite IPSec tunnel, you need to specify the interface from which you're generating the tunnel, so you can only specify one. How do you go about this when you have 2 ISP's/Links? Merely creating 2 GP IPSec tunnels, selecting the 2 interfaces for the 2 seperate ISP's and hoping traffic switches when the main ISP goes down doesn't work. 

Main ISP advertises a default route and a secondary static default is set up to secondary ISP. Internet switches over fine but the second tunnel to the data center isn't kicking in. 



Who Me Too'd this topic