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Virtual Adapter was not setup correctly due to a delay (WIN10)

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I'm using GlobalProtect Ver 5.2.12-26, on my windows 10 laptop and it has worked just fine for last month, but recently I continue to get the "Virtual Adapter was not setup correctly due to a delay". I've completely uninstalled/reinstalled a number of times with no success. I did notice in the following setup file logs: Driverinfo, Serviceinfo, and Processinfo it states "ERROR: Description  = Invalid namespace" 


Does anybody know what this means and how to resolve it? The closest online documentation I found is the following: 


  1. We also use WMI queries to populate files like DriverInfo.txt, ServiceInfo.txt and ProcessInfo.txt. Check these files in the GP logs for the following error which indicates failure of the WMI queries:

Description = Invalid class

NOTE:  It does show the PANGPS was installed successfully: 


  1. ​​​Verify if PanGP virtual adapter is installed correctly using the following log from
dvi: Waiting for NetSetupSvc to finish installing ROOT\PANGPD\0000
dvi: Install finished for ROOT\PANGPD\0000

Any help would be appreciated

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