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Beacon back-end appears to be ~down; failure to load modules (2023-09-13)

L0 Member

The Beacon outlines/overviews are functional, and the content modules were working fine until ~2h ago (~0900 EST), however the individual modules are no longer loading.  ("clock" loading icon hangs indefinitely)


Steps to reproduce:


2. Click on a module, such as "Security Profiles and Security Policies"

3. Starting/continuing the module proceeds to "load indefinitely" (i.e., failure to load content from cache/back-end)

Verified across two browsers, including one "fully open/unfiltered."  Identical steps/result.



The tool has been fantastic all week; I've enjoyed the content thus far.  Looking forward to completing the PCNSA, PCNSE, and others.


FYI & Thanks;




Who Me Too'd this topic