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Error downloading 7.0.4, with 7.0.0 previously downloaded

L4 Transporter

Hi, im thinking to go to PanOS  7.0.4 from 6.1.2. I have downloaded PanOS 7.0.0 correctly, but when i try to download 7.0.4 i get this error. I have downloaded the 7.0.0 version when i launch 7.0.4 to download.



Successfully downloaded
Transferring a copy of image to HA peer
Preloading into software manager
The required '7.0' base image must be loaded before this image can be loaded. You do not have to install or run the base image, only download it. Once the base is loaded, re-download your target image.
Failed to load into software manager. Please retry.
Post processing failed. Please retry.

Who Me Too'd this topic