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SSL Inspection for Chromebooks

L3 Networker

I was having some trouble with SSL decryption on my chromebooks and after a bit of Google searching I came across this Google article and I wanted to share with others since there was nothing like this in the community. If I didn't exclude these when my chromebook booted I would just end up with a blank box and you could not login or anything. You only option was to power off. This fixed my problems.


For Chrome devices to work on a domain with SSL inspection, some host names need to be exempt from inspection. This is because certificates can only be imported at the user level and are only honored for user-level traffic. Some device-level traffic doesn’t use the SSL certificate to protect users against certain kinds of security risks.

To ensure that Chrome devices work with SSL inspection, you need to whitelist the following host names on your proxy server. For details on how to whitelist host names, check with your web filter provider.


  • Dec 2 2015: Added host names to whitelist for single-app kiosk devices.
  • Aug 5 2015: Added

Host name whitelist for all Chrome devices

Host name whitelist for single-app kiosk devices

If you use single-app kiosk devices, whitelist the following host names in addition to the host names listed above:

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