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VPN Palo Alto - Microsoft Azure. Slow transfer. Not reaching internet by this tunnel.



We are having a annoying issue :S We have configured a tunnel routed-based between PA (7.0.6) to Microsof azure. The tunnel is up but we are detecting several problems. 


1) The transfer speeds are very low, fluctuate and are nothing stable: When we try to move a file using this tunel from Azure to one of our servers in PA, the transfer speed is so slow (200-300Kb/s). But if we use a RAD (windows machine which go up the tunnel) the transfer speed is 7Mb/s). Why the speed is slow if the PA bring up th tunnel? 


2) The Azure server is not reaching internet through this tunnel. In addition, the server is still unable to navigate to the outside. We do not see  in PA that traffic comes to us from Azure.
Coming from Azure, we only see in PA connections to internal networks, when all traffic from Azure (to internal or to EXTERNAL) should go in the tunnel.

If we want that this Azure server goes to internet using this tunnel its necessary to configure tunnel ikev2 and dynamic.These are requisites of Microsoft Azure. WE have configured all of this but we cant reach internet using tunel to PA.


We have tried to changed the MTU and several paramethers in VPN but its stilll hapening......any idea???'


thanks a lot


So that the server can browse to the outside our tunnel, the tunnel need to talk IKEv2 and that is dynamic, are the requirements of Azure.

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