How to Report Inappropriate Content and Spam on LIVEcommunity

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In any online community, you may run across spam and/or inappropriate content from time-to-time. Whether it’s inappropriate because of language, content, or looks like spam or advertising, there’s good news: As long as you have an active LIVEcommunity account, you can play a part and report this content. 


In the window of any discussion, you will see a drop down option.






You have two options:


  • Report This Content

  • Mark As Spam


Report This Content


If you want to report this content for any reason—language, content, spam, or even just because it’s in the wrong place—you can choose this option.




Enter the reason why you want to report this content, and then click “Notify Moderator”. We will take it from there.


Mark As Spam


When you choose this option, please be careful: Once you click this option, the post is immediately marked as spam and no one is able to see it. If you are sure this post is spam, you can click the button. There is no second step to “confirm.” 



Once you click “Mark as Spam” you will see this message letting you know it was successful.


Reporting content helps keep the LIVEcommunity a safe, helpful, clean environment for all.  Thanks for being a valuable part of the LIVEcommunity.


UP NEXT — Step 10: How to Get in Touch With the LIVEcommunity Team


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