Automation and Orchestration Tools and Technologies

When configuring and managing the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation firewall for scale and agility, it’s nice to have a collection of tools to automate activities and events. Our Automation and Orchestration tools and technologies provide a collection of open, extensible projects that help you take the next step. Learn about these tools with detailed documents and join in the discussions with other users to get the most from these resources.

Automation Projects

Available Automation Tools


Automation for Everyone. Ansible is designed around the way people work and the way people work together. Learn more

Device Framework Device Framework

Device Framework enables non-programmers to create sophisticated automations that leverage the PAN-OS API. Learn more

Terraform Terraform

Terraform enables teams to automate deployment and adapt to the changing needs of cloud infrastructures. Learn more

Automation Blog

Webinar - Automate Cloud Security with Ansible

post time: Mar 16, 2018 10:07:39 AM

Webinar Apr 25th at 2:00 pm EDT


Palo Alto Networks has developed an Ansible module to enable these organizations to integrate security into their CI/CD pipeline. See it in action and learn how Ansible and Palo Alto Networks help enforce a consistent next-generation security posture across your organization.

Register here:

Palo Alto Networks Terraform Provider for PAN-OS

post time: Feb 14, 2018 2:05:52 PM

Introducing the new Palo Alto Networks Terraform Provider!

Terraform Templates for Cloud-Deployed Palo Alto Network Next Generation Firewalls

post time: Aug 7, 2017 1:21:31 PM

Templates for Terraform provide the ability to quickly and easily deploy and secure critical applications on the Palo Alto Networks Next Generation firewall for public cloud environments such as AWS and Azure. The Palo Alto Networks Live Community provides a central place to learn how to utilize this technology, get help from others using it, and more.

Using Ansible For Firewall SEC Policy Change Management Process

post time: Jul 24, 2017 11:29:13 AM

Manage security policy changes using the power of the Palo Alto Networks custom Ansible modules and Ansible ‘pull’ feature.



Using Ansible to Automate & Accelerate AWS Deployments

post time: Jul 24, 2017 11:20:15 AM

This video shows how to use Ansible to automate and accelerate AWS deployments.



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ANSIBLE: - 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'element_str'\n",

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Finding API Commands

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