Automation and Orchestration Tools and Technologies

When configuring and managing the Palo Alto Networks for scale and agility, it’s nice to have a collection of tools to automate activities and events. Our Automation and Orchestration tools and technologies provide a collection of open, extensible projects that help you take the next step. Learn about these tools with detailed documents and join in the discussions with other users to get the most from these resources.

Automation Projects

Available Automation Tools


Automation for Everyone. Ansible is designed around the way people work and the way people work together. Learn more

Device Framework Device Framework

Device Framework enables non-programmers to create sophisticated automations that leverage the PAN-OS API. Learn more

Automation Blog

Palo Alto Networks Device Framework

post time: 2 weeks ago

The Palo Alto Networks Device Framework is a powerful tool, offered as a python library, to create automations and interactions with PAN-OS devices including Next-generation Firewalls and Panorama.

Ansible and Palo Alto Networks Firewall

post time: Apr 3, 2017 2:38:27 PM

The combination of Ansible and Palo Alto Networks modules address the most common applications of automation and orchestration of the Palo Alto Networks VM-Series NGFW (Next Generation Firewall) for both public and private cloud deployments.

Automation / API Discussions

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posted: Tuesday updated: Wednesday

Commit and push in Panorama 8.0.3

Is there an API command to do a commit and push in Panorama in 8.0.3? I can only find a commit to panorama or a commit to template. The issue is that ...

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posted: a week ago updated: Wednesday


Hi, We have a development what extract the configuration via rest api and analize this. In a firewall with vsys and panoroma, i have this pr...

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posted: 2 weeks ago updated: Thursday

Query External Dynamic List Content

If I have a list of IP addresses, is there a way to query a PA to see if the listed IP addresses are contained within an EDL? This would be a large li...

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posted: 2 weeks ago updated: Monday

Ansible for interfaces on PA

The ansible module "panos_interface" doesn't seem to have all the parameters that shoud should be availble for an interface. I need to create *ma...

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posted: 3 weeks ago updated: 3 weeks ago

Is there a log file for API activity?

I'm trying to integrate ClearPass User-id and their syntax I believe is way wrong. Is there any debug log file for API commands being thrown at the fi...

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