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Regex evaluating new line carriage ?

I have a Splunk server that logs all Acitve Directory authentication events on my network. I have set up a syslog feed from the Splunk server to the Palo Alto. On the Palo Alto, I have created a syslog filter and added the Splunk as a User-ID syslog ...

PreDefined SSN Pattern Match

Hi All,A Social Security number (SSN) CANNOT : * Contain all zeroes in any specific group (ie 000-##-####, ###-00-####, or ###-##-0000) * Begin with ‘666’. * Begin with any value from ‘900-999′ * Be ‘078-05-1120′ (due to the Woolworth’s Wallet Fiasco...

rsingh by L2 Linker
  • 3 replies

RegEx looking for a specific UserAgent.

I tried to migrate over my Cisco IPS regex to Palo Alto but it failed to load. Below is my Cisco Regex.[Uu][Ss][Ee][Rr][-][Aa][Gg][Ee][Nn][Tt][:][\x20][^\x0d\x0a]*([Ss][Yy][Nn][Aa][Pp][Ss][Ee])I tried creating a new pattern but it is to specific and ...

scantwell by L4 Transporter
  • 2 replies

SMTPS support

Hello support, Currently i am managing a few PA-3020s.PANOS is sw-version: 5.0.15Our customers are using the the email alert feature but we cannot configure an SMTPS email server ,only a normal 25 server. Do you plan to implement SMTPS support in the...

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