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Panorama Plugins



Panorama 8 inroduces Plugins.

does any one have information about how to create tham?

i will appriciate more information about it.



minow by L4 Transporter
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Modify Authentication Profile via API

Hey everyone,


Does anyone know whether or not it is possible to adjust authentication profiles via the API?


Little backstory, I have been working on an API call to adjust the Server Profile for an Authentication Profile. I have tried to build it out


Ansible - AWS and PANW

Hello everyone,


i have just started to learn about ansible, and i have a big black cloud in my head about one thing.

Let's supose that i already have a Firewall in my AWS environment and i need to setup ansible to identify new EC2 instances and config


Issue with Curl using API URL

Hello Team,


I am trying to download feeds using Curl script and below API Url but receiving only IP address information, not confidence value and source information.




Play-book Missing required libraries

My play fails when i include an inventory with an output message:

"msg": "Missing required libraries."

This works okay  when I passe the hosts details as a variable from var.yml to my playbook. Not sure what Is wrong but I am testing with the example p


Rename zone in security policy through xml api

Hi all,


I'm trying to programatically rename security zone via xml api. 


Here's a scenario:

1. Device currently has 5 zones: trust, untrust, dmz, lvl1, lvl2

2. There are 500+ policies where <<trust>> appears as source zone member or destination zone me


KostiM by L2 Linker
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API call for failed commit

Is there an API call that returns failed commits?  Example being if I'm in the Panorama web GUI and click on Tasks at the bottom right, I'll see the Failed commit there.  Any way to see the failed commit in an API call? 

REST API and host policies

We just got our first PA (3060) and I was doing some research on the REST API.  What I would like to do is tie in our IP Address Management system for automation.  Like when an IP address is freed, a process would connect to the PA and remove that ho


Resolved! Limits on commits

Hi Guys,


We are running scripts to push configurations into the firewalls. Everything is done via CLI and with set statements (I know that it is odd, but that's the way it is). Does anyone know are there any limits on the configuration size because s


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