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USER-ID agnet get API by VBscript

I have an idea hit my head today


I'm thinking to schedule a task (let say each half hour) to run a vbscript in user machines to send IP and username to the userid agent.


Is it possible and can someone help me with code as I'm not that good in coding 

xapi Post Security Rule Order

Looking into automating security rule input into a pandevice but need to allow end users to change the order of which the security rules are currently laid out. Looking into this it does not appear that there is any built in function to say I want to


Resolved! Using the REST interface for XML API


I have been using the REST interface for pulling reporting and config data using constructed URLs in scripts.  All that works well.  What I have been unable to do is use the set action for config.  I am using a key generated for a sysadmin user


Programmatic API Discovery Method?



I'm working on a Powershell module to interact with the XML API. I can get the syntax for the various commands just fine via the API browser and CLI/GUI debug, however I was wondering if there is a command or some way to get something like a W


jgrote by L1 Bithead
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Resolved! Some services dont appear in API Request

I've downloading the different services that I've configured into my firewall but for example service-https doesnt appear in the file but yes in the firewall


The request that I made is the following.


curl -o filename 'https://mifirewall/api/?type=con


unauth only on some configuration

I am new to the palo world and this is my first post here 


But I am automating the azure palo vm and facing issues I cannot resolve. I have a set of configs where some will respond back with unauth while others are successful. Even stranger I can up


Paramiko with PaloAlto

Hi There,


I am very new to Python scripting and have started to learn through my lab PaloAlto Firewall.

I wrote a basic script to just return me the output of an operational command. This script works on my lab SRX but hangs on the PaloAlto.


The code


Mohit by L0 Member
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