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Ansible - adding address object with Tag


I am trying to create object with ansible and Tag them. There is no problem with adding address object, but when I add option tag_name, it tells me, that address_object and tag_name are mutually exclusive parameters. It looks like tag_name is used


How to get WF verdicts for URLs

I’ve been able to successfully submit files for analysis and file hashes for verdicts, that works fine, but I am now trying to submit a URL for a verdict, instead of a file. So I send this:


Submit Google Link to WF using API

curl -F 'apikey=<apikey>'


Please check my xpath for me

Hi I'm creating a new admin role via api but it is not working. Here is my complete request:[@name='test_name']/role/device/xmlapi<config>enable</config>&key=myke...

ffadhil by L0 Member
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Xpath for the server profile syslog

I'm building a script to keep a device up to date with the rules we are using at our production site.  I've found most of the xpath locations I need with the API explorer except one is elluding me. 


In the web ui configuration it is: Device->Server P


Ntripp by L1 Bithead
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API to run user activity report

I need to generate a UAR for multiple users and wish to automate it.


I can script the creation of report, and I can use the API to schedule the report:




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