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XSD Schema for XML API?

Hi everyone,Is there any XSD to validate XML files? I got something similar to XSD from https:///php/utils/schema.php. But if I use the result of this response in an XSD validation, many errors appear related to the schema format. It seems there is a...

Email Reporting options

Hi,I would like to automatically send csv based reporting information in addition to the pdf format information. I can not find an easy way to automatically send csv or xml based information via the WebGUI. Is there an existing enhancvement request f...

tyrone by L0 Member
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Resolved! Use XML API to export device state?

I am trying to figure out how to use the XML API to export the device state.Looking through the PAN-OS XML API document (PAN-OS and Panorama XML API Reference Guide 6.0), I found that I should use 'type=export&category=device-state'. But I don't see ...

Regex evaluating new line carriage ?

I have a Splunk server that logs all Acitve Directory authentication events on my network. I have set up a syslog feed from the Splunk server to the Palo Alto. On the Palo Alto, I have created a syslog filter and added the Splunk as a User-ID syslog ...

SMTPS support

Hello support, Currently i am managing a few PA-3020s.PANOS is sw-version: 5.0.15Our customers are using the the email alert feature but we cannot configure an SMTPS email server ,only a normal 25 server. Do you plan to implement SMTPS support in the...

Download HIP Report via XML API

Hello,I've been trying to find a way to programmatically access the HIP check reports that are surfaced in the UI under Monitor > HIP Match > (Magnifying Glass Icon). It's an incredibly handy report whose data I'd like to be able to incorporate into ...

behle by Not applicable
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