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Boot Up and login issue

Hello Friends,Please suggest on below logs.Determined physical RAM map: memory: 0000000000042000 @ 00000000019de000 (usable after init) memory: 0000000006400000 @ 0000000001b00000 (usable) memory: 0000000007c00000 @ 0000000008200000 (usable) memory: ...

Satish by L4 Transporter
  • 2 replies

Logical conditions in custom IPS signatures

Hello.I need some help with logical conditions in custom IPS signatures definitions.I've made a set of custom IPS signatures for browser identification based on user agent strings. the were working ok, but recently MS decided that IE will not include...

santonic by L5 Sessionator
  • 4 replies

net.tcp context identifier

HI all,Been trying to build a custom app-id for an application which the PA currently recognizes as net.tcp.- tried different patterns with no success.- currently using the unknow-tcp-req-paylod as the context identifier.- tried a plain text pattern ...

Omarr by L0 Member
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Cisco Anyconnect Regex for User-ID

We're using Cisco Anyconnect version 3.1 and are having issues using the syslog user-id receiver in panos 6.1.3. The default syslog profile for cisco anyconnect 1.0 and the regex entriy doesn't correctly interpet the correct user id dhcp assigned IP ...

RegEx Pattern for Email Addresses

Hi,I am trying to use DLP to catch if somebody is trying to send multiple email addresses of our customer database over the internet. I am trying to create a Regex to catch email addresses but no matter what I try I always fall into the 7-byte limita...

shoutris by L0 Member
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Create a URL filter for an arbitrary string?

Hello,I'd like to create a URL filter to block/deny any URL that has an arbitrary string in it.I was referred to this forum by Palo Alto Support.In this specific case, the string I'd like to block is "Automated_Clearing_House_transaction".How can I d...

Baidu applications

Baidu as a very famous applications which is very annoying to user?why don't you have APP-ID' for its applications like pc faster, antivirus, browsercould you please add his apps to the APP-ID engine?Appreciated.Maher

Regex from IronPort to PanOS 6.1.1

We have a bunch of regex values in an IronPort box that we would like to use in a data filtering policy. I looked over the regex doc and our seems to match the PA doc but I get an invalid regex error wh...

care1 by Not applicable
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PHP - XML to Array

So I've been working with the API pretty frequently and have run into a bit of a snag that has caught me now a few times. I'm using CURL with PHP to interact and whenever I get a response, I do a conversion as such:$xmlarr = json_decode(json_encode((...