IoT Security Update April 2022

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Read about new product features, upcoming HoW workshops, IoT security vendor comparison, news articles, and more in this monthly IoT security update!




  • Device-to-site mapping based on IP address – In addition to mapping devices to sites based on the log forwarding location of the firewall, you can now map subnets and IP address blocks to sites. For more information, see the IoT Security Administrator Guide.
  • Integration with Microsoft SCCM – IoT Security imports several attributes for devices in the IoT Security inventory through integration with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM). For more information, see the IoT Security Integration Guide.
  • Device identity confirmation – You can confirm device identity manually on the Devices page (Select a device in the Inventory table and click on the Actions bar). When you do this, IoT Security elevates the confidence score for the device identity to 100 and, if necessary, raises its confidence level to be high.



IoT Hands-on-Workshops: 

Notable News/ Articles:

  • One-pager: Zero Trust IoT Security Vendor Comparison
  • Blogs:
    • Know Your Infusion Pump Vulnerabilities and Secure Your Healthcare Organization: Read here
    • CVE-2021-28372: How a Vulnerability in Third-Party Technology Is Leaving Many IP Cameras and Surveillance Systems Vulnerable. Read here.
    • Implementing IoT security at scale in a digitally-transformed Asia. Read here
  • Forrester lists Palo Alto Networks IoT Security in their first “The Forrester Tech Tide: Internet Of Things, Q1 2022.
  • CHIME webinar Cybersecurity Concerns and Challenges in 2022. View here.


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