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The Palo Alto Networks BPA for next-generation firewalls and Panorama evaluates your devices' configuration by measuring the adoption of capabilities, validating whether the policies adhere to best practices, and providing recommendations to help remediate failed best practice checks.



The Quarterly Best Practice Assessment (BPA) Reminder

The Quarterly BPA Reminder is designed to remind customers to run a new Best Practice Assessment on devices that have a BPA history older than 90 days. This feature will send you a notification via email and another within the Customer Support Portal (CSP).


The email will be sent to users with a BPA role, and it will include their name, serial number, and date of the last BPA for all devices in their account that have not performed an assessment in 90 days or more. You will also receive a link in the email that takes you to the BPA History page, so you can see the affected devices, via flags, and then generate new BPAs. Here's a sample of what the email notification will look like:

Email Notification Same for Quarterly BPA ReminderEmail Notification Same for Quarterly BPA Reminder


The CSP notification, however, functions in a familiar manner, given that you've accessed the CSP before. The badge counter reflects a new notification, and the BPA reminder is classified as an Asset Notification, so it will appear in the notification panel as shown below.

View of Best Practice Assessment (BPA) History page - Asset NotificationView of Best Practice Assessment (BPA) History page - Asset Notification


As with the email, the notifications you'll see in the CSP will include a link to the BPA History page. Although the CSP notifications do not provide a list of the affected devices like in the email, you will have the opportunity to generate a Best Practice Assessment.
CSP View of NotificationsCSP View of Notifications


As the name suggests, these notifications will only be triggered once near the beginning of the quarter. The quarterly reminder will only include devices that have had assessments exceeding the 90-day recommendation within the previous quarter (a 90-day rolling window).
NOTE: Devices will not be repeated in future notifications.
The email notification will include all devices that meet the necessary criteria, so you will only receive one email about the Quarterly BPA Reminder.


  • All CSP account holders with a BPA role will be impacted.  
  • Now, Customers will be reminded every quarter when it's time to run a new BPA and better understand the reasons for running the BPA on a regular basis.


Customer Support Portal > Tools > Best Practice Assessment

The BPA tool is available for all customers in the Customer Support Portal. 

To access the tool, log in to the CSP at support.paloaltonetworks.com and navigate to Tools > Best Practice Assessment.



More BPA information:

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