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  Palo Alto Networks Education Services is here to help you prepare for your certification exam. We have a number of resources available on https://www.paloaltonetworks.com/services/education/certification.   Preparation tools available for each certification include:  Datasheets which provide an overview of the exam and the target audience. Exam Blueprints which showcase the high level domains, tasks and subtasks covered in the examination. Each exam is broken into several domains describing the material to be covered on the exam. The Exam Blueprint shows the percentage of the exam focused on each domain. Exam Blueprints will be available prior to the Study Guides, allowing you to start preparing quickly. Every exam, as it is introduced or updated, will have an Exam Blueprint available.  Study Guides dive deeper into the domains, tasks and subtasks outlined on the Exam Blueprint so you can take your preparation to the next level. The Study Guides contain sample questions aligned with the style and types of questions on the exam as well as documentation and other helpful resources for exam preparation. For visual learners, Digital Learning/Certification Preparation is available to lead you through the content described on the Exam Blueprint and in the Study Guide.    Once you are ready to schedule your exam with Pearson Vue Online Proctoring visit: https://lnkd.in/gtUKUjw
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