Cortex Xpanse Assess Brings Best in Class ASM to SMBs

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Today, we are announcing a new addition to the Cortex Xpanse™ portfolio with Xpanse Assess. With Xpanse Assess, customers can get point-in-time assessments to track, validate and report on external attack surface risks on all internet-connected assets that belong to a small or midsize business.


Small and midsize businesses (SMBs)—organizations with fewer than 1,000 employees—face similar threats as large organizations, including ever-increasing ransomware and data breaches, yet they face these threats without the same resources. SMBs need to get ahead of these attacks before their business is compromised. Xpanse Assess offers SMBs the leading Attack Surface Management (ASM) platform to monitor their attack surface at regular points-in-time, in a lightweight solution without the need for agents, appliances, or setup.


The rise of the cloud, remote workers and the decentralization of IT have left enterprises with larger and more complex attack surfaces than ever before. This growing complexity leaves security teams with significant blindspots and can give attackers an unguarded or poorly secured path into your network and exposes your enterprise to threats like ransomware, data breaches, and other cyberattacks. 


Additional issues SMBs often face:

  • Frustration with an inability to validate security rating’s findings.
  • An inability to challenge mis-priced cyber insurance premiums on account of incorrect and outdated risk scores.
  • Inefficient penetration testing efforts, focused more on exploitation rather than discovery.


SMBs need visibility into their attack surfaces, the risks they face, and exposures that require remediation. A point-in-time snapshot like Xpanse Assess comprehensively discovers all risks and exposures on an organization’s attack surface, helping SMBs inventory all their unknown unknowns on their networks and ensure there are no surprises. Remember, you can’t secure what you don’t know. 


Xpanse Assess also adds actionable context to their security scores, which can lead to a reduction in cyber insurance premiums as they reduce their attack surface risk. Xpanse Assess will also be working with pen testing companies to help take their offerings to the next level.


Improve asset inventory using automated discovery and attribution to help security teams get a comprehensive view into their attack surface.Improve asset inventory using automated discovery and attribution to help security teams get a comprehensive view into their attack surface.


Xpanse customers who were part of the early-access program said: 


“I just want to know high and critical exposures to understand my risk. [Xpanse Assess] exactly hits that problem.”


“Our red and blue teams would both be very interested in this to help perform pen-testing faster.”


“Xpanse Assess is going to be a critical supplemental tool to refute our cyber insurance findings. [Xpanse Assess] allows us to get ahead of it.”


Security practitioners are at their best when they know where assets are, what might be exposed, and what remediation efforts need to be prioritized. Xpanse Assess can provide that knowledge to small to midsize businesses and provides a comprehensive asset inventory, so security teams are better equipped to keep their organizations safe. 

Get a demo of Xpanse to see it in action. Download the whitepaper to learn more.


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