LIVEcommunity Has a New Next-Generation Firewall Customer Journey Guide!

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LIVEcommunity now has a NGFW Customer Journey GuideLIVEcommunity now has a NGFW Customer Journey Guide


LIVEcommunity's Next-Generation Firewall page is now home to a Customer Journey Guide! Joining Prisma Access, Cortex XDR, and Cortex XSOAR in having this cool, helpful resource for customers, the NGFW Customer Journey Guide is here to help you whenever you need it as you navigate each step of total configuration.


The NEW Customer Journey Guide for NGFW showing all of the sections to help you in your NGFW JourneyThe NEW Customer Journey Guide for NGFW showing all of the sections to help you in your NGFW Journey


The Customer Journey Guide has five steps:


  • Deploy & Migrate
  • Setup
  • Configure
  • Integrate
  • Scale & Optimize


In each of these sections, you will see exactly all of the details you need to perform every step, along with extra resources along the way. Rest assured that we have organized what you need to use and get the most from your NGFW.


You can also access the Customer Journey Guide by clicking "view all" at the bottom of the guide menu, which takes you to the NGFW Customer Corner. In this view, you can also view each step as an individual post.



Next-Generation Firewall Customer Corner pageNext-Generation Firewall Customer Corner page



We hope you find this new tool helpful! Head to the Next Generation Firewall area in LIVEcommunity now to explore the new customer journey area for yourself.


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