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There is a new LIVEcommunity area for Prisma Access for MSPs, a new scalable multi-tenant cloud management portal solution for managed service providers (MSPs) and dIstributed enterprise to fast-track digital transformation with managed SASE services.


The Prisma Access solution for MSPs enables businesses to manage a large number of customers across market segments, APIs for seamless integration and automation, and licensing flexibility and support for fully managed and co-managed deployment models with intuitive UI built on the industry’s most comprehensive cloud-delivered security stack.


You can find this technology's new LIVEcommunity area by clicking on the Prisma Access page in the Technologies dropdown from our nav bar; from there, select Prisma Access for MSPs on the right-hand side (as pointed out in the screenshot below). Once you're on the Prisma Access for MSPs technology page, you will find all documentation, videos, technical resources, discussions, and more related to the Prisma Access solution for MSPs and distributed enterprises. 



Prisma Access solution for MSPs and dIstributed enterprises introduces hierarchical multi-tenancy.Prisma Access solution for MSPs and dIstributed enterprises introduces hierarchical multi-tenancy.



Check it out now, and let us know what you think.


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