Pre-Built and Ready: Explore the New Quickplay Solutions (Formerly Known as Skillets)

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Hello everyone,


Things are always changing, and one of the more recent developments here on the LIVEcommunity is the renaming of the Skillets to the new Quickplay Solutions.


If you are new to the Palo Alto Networks world, and have not yet heard of "Skillets" or "Iron Skillet", then this is all going to be new to you! The Skillets/Iron Skillet area have been around for a while, but we felt that the naming was too confusing in relation to what these are really useful for: firewall configuration. Because of that, we have decided to rename the tools and the LIVEcommunity area to "Quickplay Solutions."


One of the biggest challenges to configuring a new firewall is having to manually step through the entire config.

If only there was a tool that was a "wizard"  one that could help you make sure that you configure everything correctly!

The good news is that there is such a tool, because that is exactly what Quickplay Solutions is all about.


The  Quickplay Solutions page with articles, how-to documents and even videos to help you.The Quickplay Solutions page with articles, how-to documents and even videos to help you.


Whether you are brand new or a seasoned security engineer, Quickplay Solutions has something for you.


Quickplay Solutions houses a collection of pre-builtready-to-use content to deploy, configure, exercise and assess a security infrastructure. The goal is to provide 'easy button' solutions that save time and align to recommended practices. Included are a mix of community developed templates, playbooks, skillets, and scripts supporting a variety of use cases. There are even videos to help you out.


Be sure to check out the Quickplay Solutions page out here:

Quickplay Solutions



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Joe Delio
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