Product Enhancement: "Capture Debug Info" Option on Cloud Services Portal

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Learn how to Capture App Debug Info in the Cloud Services Portal. Palo Alto Networks Live Community provides detailed instructions on how to capture debug info and to obtain a reference ID number to share with Customer Support. Get the answers you need from Live Community. Join the conversation now!



If you're having trouble with a specific app instance, you can capture debug information that will help Palo Alto Networks support troubleshoot the issue. You can do this from the Settings page in the Cloud Services Portal.


Click on the wrench icon next to the app instance.


Cloud Services Capture Debug Info for App InstanceCloud Services Capture Debug Info for App InstanceA pop-up will appear. Enter a short description of the problem in the Description box.


Enter Description for an App InstanceEnter Description for an App Instance

Click Capture on the bottom right, and you will be presented with a reference ID number. Use this number when discussing the problem with the support staff at Palo Alto Networks.


Debug Information is Captured and Reference ID Number Will AppearDebug Information is Captured and Reference ID Number Will AppearNOTE: Use of this tool does not create a support case. Use the Customer Support Portal (CSP) to create a support case and provide the reference ID created here to the case. 


Click OK to close the previous dialog. However, if you click on the instance's wrench icon, a dialog with the reference ID will show again.




Check out the original DOC here :


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