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Welcome to the latest installment of our Cyber Elite Spotlight Interview Series, where we delve into the expertise of our Cyber Elite member, Raido Rattameister (@Raido_Rattameister). Within the LIVEcommunity, our Cyber Elite members stand out as top contributors, and we're thrilled to showcase them through our community interviews.



Raido is a key player at Cloud Carib, a leading provider of trusted cloud and managed services in the Caribbean and Latin America. His journey with Palo Alto Networks began in 2011, and he joined the LIVEcommunity in 2015 after discovering the platform while seeking solutions. Since then, Raido has consistently been a top contributor, offering over 1300 replies and providing more than 200 accepted solutions!





Recently, I had the chance to connect with Raido through Zoom. During our conversation, he shared valuable insights that we believe the entire community will appreciate. Check out our video interview where Raido discusses his background and experiences in cybersecurity, and gain valuable tips on maximizing the benefits of Palo Alto Networks and the LIVEcommunity.



"While I was working as a Palo Alto Networks Instructor, LIVEcommunity was mentioned as a resource for training material.  I looked into it and found questions I knew the answer to; I started engaging and helping out wherever I could."


Raido2photo.jpgWe hope you enjoyed getting to know our Cyber Elite maestro, Raido Rattameister a bit better! If you've got burning questions or just want to chat, don't be shy—hit up Raido in the community or drop a comment below.


Swing by the Cyber Elite Program page to uncover more juicy details. Keep those eyes peeled because we've got loads more vibrant stories and brainy ideas coming your way from our incredible Cyber Elite members!



-- @kiwi out !


Community Team Member

Thanks @kiwi and @Raido_Rattameister! It was awesome learning more about Raido, including that he's been working with Palo Alto firewalls since 2011! We're so happy to have you as one of our Cyber Elite experts! 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Big thanks to @Raido_Rattameister and @kiwi  for the engaging Zoom conversation! This interview not only sheds light on Raido's cybersecurity experiences but also provides actionable tips for our community members. We really appreciate Raido and all of our fabulous Cyber Elites!

Cyber Elite
Cyber Elite

Thank you @jforsythe and @crasmussen 

It is a pleasure to be part of such a wonderful community!

Community Team Member

Such an insightful interview @Raido_Rattameister and @kiwi !!

Community Team Member

Great to hear from you @Raido_Rattameister , we greatly appreciate your expertise and contributions!

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