Cortex XSOAR New Packs Release In August 2022

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L5 Sessionator
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Cortex XSOAR New Pack Release - August 2022



Oletools pack allows performing some basic oletools commands from Cortex XSOAR. oletools is a tool to analyze Microsoft OLE2 files


Binalyze AIR

Collect over 150 different types of evidence under 10 minutes.




BmcITSM integration allows customers to manage service request, incident, change request, task, problem investigation and known error tickets.


Google Dorking

Automate the process of google dorking searches in order to detect leaked data.


Remove Empty Evidence

The automation removes evidence based on a query performed on the evidence content,

if the provided string is found within the evidence- it will be removed.


Simple SFTP

Simple SFTP Integration to copy files from SFTP Server using paramiko.



This pack is used to to fetch-incidents, get alerts details and to get agent list



Upload files using polling, the service supports Microsoft Office files, as well as PDF, SWF, archives and executables. Active content will be cleaned from any documents that you...


Varonis Data Security Platform

Streamline alerts, events and related forensic information from Varonis Data Security Platform


Simple API Proxy

This pack provides a simple API proxy to restrict privileges or minimize the amount of credentials issued at the API.



Automate your privacy Incident Response workflow through the BreachRx platform.


Vectra AI

This content pack allows to create incidents based on Vectra Accounts/Detections/Hosts objects.



CRM Services

To explore more content packs and test drive use cases from Cortex XSOAR and other contributors visit our Marketplace Site!


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