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June 2024   UPCOMING EVENTS Customer Success Webinar Series: Proactive Threat Hunting Part 2 The event concluded on June 12, 2024. Visit our events page later this month to learn about our next event.    CS Webinar Topics Suggestion Survey We value your input! Help shape our next webinars by sharing the topic you'd like to learn more about.  >> Fill out the form      Recent CS Webinar Elevate your Threat Hunting skills with the first session of the webinar series: Proactive Threat Hunting Part 1    Watch More   New How-to Videos  Learn how to export indicators: How to Export Indicators to 3rd Party Systems Catch the new video in the XSOAR 8 Analyst Training: Playbook Tasks & To-Do Tasks Learn how to generate Reports and use Timers in XSOAR 8: Reports & Timers    View More   Latest Security Blogs & Articles Read the latest blog and learn how to: Migrating Historical Data into XSAOR from 3rd party products Read More   XSOAR PRODUCT UPDATES With the release of the XSOAR 6 On-Prem to XSOAR 8 SaaS and with our successfully migrated hosted customers, we would like to remind you to connect with your Customer Success or Account team to kickstart the migration process. To familiarize yourself with the new features and improvements in Cortex XSOAR 8, we recommend reviewing the following resources:  Cortex XSOAR 8 Release Announcement Cortex XSOAR 8 Feature Changes Cortex XSOAR 8 FAQs Cortex XSOAR 6 to Cortex XSOAR 8 Migration Guide    Playbook of the Week Blogs Explore our latest playbooks, featured in our Playbook of the Week blog series, designed to enhance your automation skills.  Automating Response to Living-Off-the-Land (LOTL) Attacks Read All   Cortex XSOAR Content Release May 2024 Learn about newly released content packs and their capabilities. >> Read more   Cortex XSOAR Marketplace Explore additional content packs and test drive use cases from Cortex XSOAR and other contributors. >> Marketplace site      XSOAR Product Release Notes  Read the Cortex XSOAR Feature Release Notes >> Documentation Help Center Read the Cortex XSOAR Version Release Announcements >> LIVEcommunity    
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