Closing the Cybersecurity Knowledge Gap

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Cyber attacks are a daily occurrence. “During 2021, a cyberattack occurred every 39 seconds. The world experienced a ransomware explosion, which will likely continue its upward trajectory in 2022,” says Danny Lopez, CEO of Glasswall. Combating the issue, companies have increased hiring cybersecurity professionals. Though the U.S. unemployment rate recently reached a low of 5.4%, the cybersecurity knowledge gap remains high. Cybersecurity Ventures states cybersecurity employment opportunities increased 350% since 2013. According to eSecurity Planet there are about 435,000 openings in the US alone.


We aren’t telling you anything new. Unemployment is down, but demand is high for cybersecurity experts. 76% of IT decision-makers experience critical skills gaps on their teams – a 145% increase since 2016.


The shortage is not insurmountable, but it takes investing in people, process and technology  especially people. Research has found technical training and certifications provide a long-term skills gap solution.


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