Digital Learning Recent Releases - November

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L4 Transporter
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End the year with the latest updates on our Digital Learning courses.


Digital Learning Launches, November 2020



Prisma SD-WAN (formerly CloudGenix SD-WAN)

Registration Link

Registration Link

Solution Overview


Brand Design




Policy Framework




Operations, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting


DevOps Ecosystem


Prisma Access SASE Security

Registration Link

Registration Link

Network Design and Planning


Activation and Configuration


Manage Prisma Access Using Panorama


Configure and Manage Remote Networks


Configure and Manage Mobile Users


Enhance and Troubleshoot Prisma Access


Manage Multiple Tenants in Prisma Access


IoT Security

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Registration Link

IoT Security Visibility


IoT Security Enforcement


IoT Security Tuning


Firewall Tuning 10.0

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Registration Link

Tuning Firewall Context


Content-ID Customization


Maintenance Operations


Logging and Reporting


Analyze and Optimize Security Rules Passing Traffic


Security Rule Tuning


Secure Administrative Access


Policy Optimization

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