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Prisma Access secures access to the cloud for branch offices and mobile users anywhere in the world with a scalable, cloud-native architecture that will soon be managed via a new streamlined cloud management UI.
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New Prisma SASE!!

Just incase you missed it, I have written a blog talking all about the new Prisma SASE solution.. 

Palo Alto Networks Unveils Prisma SASE: Cybersecurity's Most Complete SASE Solution


Please take a minute and check it out.


jdelio by L7 Applicator
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Prisma Access routing between tenants ?

Hello to All,


After reading much about this I am starting to think that internal routing between the Prisma Access tenants is not possible and the traffic should be send with Traffic Steering to a router that is on-prem and connected to the two ten


Prisma Access enable the option "IKE Passive Mode" for extra security as only outbound IPSEC need to be allowed from the private data center

The option "IKE Passive Mode" makes the Prisma Access cloud to be only a VPN responder to the IPSEC traffic, iniated by the on-prem router/firewall or the ZTNA connector and this allows only outbound connections to be permitted. This is similar to so


Prisma Access 2.0 Upgrade

Hi everyone, as you are upgrading to Prisma Access 2.0, you may have some questions along the way. We want to let you know that we are here to help and want to make sure you have all the resources and information you need. This discussion will have e


matani by L3 Networker
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Prisma Access 1.7 Post-Launch !

Palo Alto Networks has been working hard on expanding Prisma Access capabilities. 


About a month ago, Prisma Access Cloud Services plugin 1.7 was released including support for PAN-OS 9.1, new traffic steering functionality, adding a new compute lo


kiwi by Community Team Member
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