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Threat Vector, a Unit 42 Podcast, is Now on LIVEcommunity!

We have some exciting community news to share: Threat Vector, a Unit 42 podcast, is now on LIVEcommunity!


Threat Vector is your compass in the world of cyberthreats. Listen to this biweekly podcast to learn about unique threat intelligence, cutting


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How and Why to Accept a Solution to Your Post

Did you know that you can help your fellow community members by accepting solutions when a reply answers your question. Accepted solutions are a super-helpful resource in the community, and we want to make sure our members understand how this feature


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High Availability Active/ Standby per Virtual System


As you may know, PA HA is per physical boxes only. If you have 2 boxes running virtual systems and you want to have HA, you can't have VSYS1 on box1 active and VSYS2 on box1 standby. Box1 must be active on all VSYS on it or Standby on all VSY



ISP failover in PanOS 7.0.4



We are moving from Juniper ScreenOS SSG firewalls to PanOS 7.0.4, 3020 clustered firewalls. 


On our Junipers we make use of a feature called track-ip for Interface failover between ISP's...This basically works by pinging a far device on the


DirectPath I/O

I currently have a marathon support case open and support's latest reply includes an internal-only link (I'm pretty sure), so I can't read it. 


The release notes for 7.0 specify: 


"High Availability (HA) Link Monitoring is only supported on VMware E


6.1+ update stops tagged interfaces from working

I tried updating a PA3050 HA active/passive setup from 6.0.10 to 6.1 to eventually go to 7.
The update works for both devices, everything seems to be working like it should, except for the tagged subinterfaces of the aggregated interfaces. They simply